Sailing in 2020

In the light of Government advice on the Covid-19 pandemic all club activity is suspended from 16th March until further notice; the suspension is expected to last at least twelve weeks

We will be sailing on Wednesdays from 1200 until 1400/1430 depending on the weather. We have taken up Dragonflite 95’s in some numbers and these are the yachts we sail most Wednesdays. We intend to start sailing IOM’s on Saturdays when the weather allows.

See our Calendar for details of Radiosailing events at home and across Scotland.

Paisley members are welcomed by our neighbouring clubs – Greenock MY&PBC and Ayr Bay RYC at their regular sailing days and events and participate in District events across Scotland as detailed in our Calendar and on the MYA Scottish District Website.

(Occasional) Sailing in 2019

As in 2018, no events were planned for 2019 due to uncertainty as to the state of the pond. In March we were delighted to hear that Renfrewshire Council had allocated £100,000 in their 2019-20 Budget to be spent on making the pond weed-free to allow it to continue to be used for its original purpose as a model yacht pond.

Unfortunately the Council did not have a ‘shovel-ready’ plan for the work on the pond. Club officials remained in discussion with the Council on the nature and timescale of the work to be carried out on the pond. As of September 2019 it seemed unlikely that such work would commence before Spring 2020.

In late November the weed sank to the bottom of the pond and we resumed sailing at Barshaw Park.

(Non) Sailing in 2018

No events took place in 2018 due to the state of the pond regarding the condition of the banks and the continuing presence of weed. The Club was in discussion with Officials of Renfrewshire Council and two Councillors – including the Leader of the Council – and proposed some possible ways ahead. We continue to await effective action.

(Non) Sailing in 2017

Club sailing at Barshaw Park was suspended at short notice from mid-March to mid-August 2017 because of the building work being carried out near & around the pond by contractors on behalf of Renfrewshire Council. As a result we were unable to offer the Naval Architecture students from Strathclyde University their usual outing to race their Strathclyde 70 yachts in open water.

We had hoped to be able to fulfil our obligation to the Scottish District to host the 3rd IOM Travellers in September – to represent a glorious re-opening of the Pond. However the state of the pond following the departure of the contractors ruled out any immediate return to sailing.  We arranged with our friendly rivals at Greenock that Paisley MYC would host the 3rd IOM Travellers at their water in Greenock.

Sailing in 2016

We managed to keep sailing through the winter months of late 2015 and early 2016 although the wind and rain drove us to take shelter in the Clubhouse on more than one occasion.

On a sunny afternoon at the end of March we welcomed a group of Naval Architecture students from Strathclyde University to sail Strathclyde 70 yachts.  They had designed and built these yachts as part of their studies.

We had one day of shirt-sleeve sailing in mid April; followed the next week by a return to wind resistant gear. We were looking forward to warm sunny days (with a good sailing wind, of course) as spring turned into summer.

Wednesday 11th May brought a 2nd suit easterly wind curling around the pond with bright sunshine meaning we could discard our heaviest jackets. However the sun and warmth also stimulated the weed which loves wrapping itself around our keels. As a consequence all our planned events from May to August had to be cancelled.

Although Renfrewshire Council had promised to keep the pond clear this year they failed to  provide suitable treatment. A contractor partially dragged the pond in late August. Eventually, thanks to valiant efforts, principally by club members, throughout September the pond was cleared and whenever the weather allowed we continued regular club sailing.

We hosted a successful event on Saturday 8th October – The Karachi Cup

Reports of Events in 2016

Karachi Cup 08/10/2016 (Report to be added)

Sailing in 2015

Reports of Events in 2015

120th Anniversary Regatta for IOMs – 17/10/2015

IOM Open Meeting – 11/04/2015