About us

Paisley Model Yacht Club was founded in 1895 and has been sailing model yachts at Barshaw Park for over 90 years.
Our current activities
In recent times,  we race radio controlled yachts, including the International One Metre (IOM) class which is sailed world wide.

Racing radio controlled yachts
Radio control allows several yachts to race together, using rules almost identical to those used when full size yachts race together.  Typically a race follows a ‘triangle and sausage’ course around marks in the pond, with a start and finish line between two marks. Races are started with a countdown tape, and spectators will often hear skippers ‘discussing’ rules as a race progresses.

Club days
As we feared the weed has returned and club sailing is once more suspended. Based on past experience
we will not be sailing again until the Autumn.
Wednesdays 1300 – 1500 Suspended
Saturdays      1200 – 1500 Suspended Note change of day from Sunday took place in 2016.

Model Yachting Association – Scottish District
Model Yachting Association logoWe are a fully affiliated member
of the Scottish District of the
Model Yachting Association.
Scottish District web site

Friends of Barshaw Park
Friends of Barshaw Park logoThe Friends of Barshaw Park are a group of local residents who love the park and want to see it restored, looked after and improved.  We are pleased to be associated with the Friends.   FBP web site